Go to National Library of New Zealand Te Puna Mātauranga o Aotearoa
Volume 1, 1868
– xii –

Section II.

For the Management of the Property of the Institute.

9. All donations by Societies, Public Departments, or private individuals, to the Museum of the Institute, shall be acknowledged by a printed form of receipt, and shall be duly entered in the books of the Institute provided for that purpose, and shall then be dealt with as the Board of Governors may direct.

10. Deposits of articles for the Museum may be accepted by the Institute, subject to a fortnight's notice of removal, to be given either by the owner of the articles or by the Manager of the Institute, and such deposits shall be duly entered in a separate catalogue.

11. Books relating to Natural Science may be deposited in the Library of the Institute, subject to the following conditions:—


Such books are not to be withdrawn by the owner under six months' notice, if such notice shall be required by the Board of Governors.


Any funds specially expended on binding and preserving such deposited books, at the request of the depositor, shall be charged against the books, and must be refunded to the Institute before their withdrawal, always subject to special arrangements made with the Board of Governors at the time of deposit.


No books deposited in the Library of the Institute shall be removed for temporary use except on the written authority or receipt of the owner, and then only for a period not exceeding seven days at any one time.

12. All books in the Library of the Institute shall be duly entered in a catalogue, which shall be accessible to the public.

13. The public shall be admitted to the use of the Museum and Library, subject to bye-laws to be framed by the Board.