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Volume 1, 1868
– xv –

Extract from the Laws
of the
Auckland Institute

3. Candidates may be admitted Members of the Society on being proposed in writing at a meeting of the Society by two Members, who are personally acquainted with him, and who shall be responsible for payment of his entrance fee, and first annual subscription.

4. New Members on election to pay one guinea entrance fee, in addition to the annual subscription of one guinea, for residents within ten miles of Auckland, and ten shillings and sixpence for residents beyond that distance; the annual subscriptions being payable in advance on the first day of April for the then current year.

5. Members may at any time become Life Members by one payment of ten pounds ten shillings for residents, and five pounds five shillings for non-resident members, in lieu of future annual subscriptions.

8. Honorary Members may be elected by the unanimous vote of the Society, in acknowledgment of their contributions to art, science, or literature in general, or to this Society in particular, such members to have all the privileges of members without payment of any fees.

9. Members of Societies incorporated with the New Zealand Institute, when in the Province of Auckland, shall be entitled to all the privileges of members of this Society.

10. Annual General Meeting of the Society on the third Monday of February in each year. Ordinary Business Meetings are called by the Council from time to time.