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Volume 1, 1868
– xvi –

Office Bearers
of the

Philosophical Institute of Canterburg.

  • Julius Haast, Esq, Ph.D., F.R.S. President.

  • J. S. Turnbull, Esq., M.D., E. Dobson, Esq., C.E., Vice Presidents.


  • Rev. James Wilson,

  • Ed. Jollie, Esq.

  • H. J. Tancred, Esq.

  • C. Davie, Esq.

  • T. Nottidge, Esq.

  • G. Packe, Esq.

  • J. W. S. Coward, Esq., Hon. Treasurer.

  • Rev. C. Fraser, M.A., F.G.S., Hon. Secretary.

Extract from the Laws
of the
Philosophical Institute of Canterbury

II. The Philosophical Institute of Canterbury is founded for the advancement of Science, Literature and Art, as well as the development of the resources of the Province.

VII. The Ordinary Meetings of the Institute shall be held every first week during the months from March to November inclusive.

X. The President, Vice Presidents, the Treasurer, the Secretary, and three senior ordinary Members of Council, shall retire from office annually at the Anniversary Meeting.

XXII. Every Candidate for Membership shall be proposed and seconded by Members of the Institute.

XXIV. Gentlemen not resident in the Province who are distinguished for their attainments in Science, Literature, or Art, may be proposed for election as Honorary Members, on the recommendation of an absolute majority of the Council. The election shall be conducted in the same manner as that of Ordinary Members, but nine-tenths of the votes must be in favour of the Candidate.

XXV. Members of the Institute shall pay two guineas annually as a subscription to the funds of the Institute.

XXVII. Members may compound for all annual subscriptions of the current and future years by paying thirty guineas.

XXXIV. Members shall have the privilege of reading before the Institute, papers containing accounts of experiments, observations, and researches, conducted by themselves, on subjects within the scope of the Institute.

XLVII. Every book, pamphlet, model, plan, drawing, specimen, preparation, or collection, presented to or purchased by the Institute, shall be placed in the Museum of the Institute.

LXVI. That from and after the 1st of July, 1868, the Institute shall devote one-third of its annual revenue in or towards the formation of some local public Museum or Library.