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Volume 1, 1868
– xvii –

Extract from the Laws
of the
Westland Naturalists' and
Acclimatization Society

II. The objects of the Society shall be to promote the cultivation of Natural History, especially with reference to this portion of New Zealand: to form a Museum for the collection and preservation of Botanical, Zoological, and Geological specimens; to Acclimatize Plants and Animals: and to communicate with, and exchange with, other kindred Societies.

III. The Society shall consist:—First, of Life Members, i. e., persons who have at any one time made a donation to the Society of £5 or upwards: or persons who in reward of special services rendered to the Society, have been unanimously elected as such by the Committee, or at the General Half-yearly Meeting. Second, of Members who pay two guineas the first year, and one guinea each subsequent year. Third, of Members paying smaller sums, not less than ten shillings.

– xviii –

IV. The Society shall be managed by a Committee elected from the Society, and consisting of a President, a Vice President, a Treasurer and Secretary, and twelve Members, to be chosen out of Classes 1 and 2.

XIII. The Committee shall have power to consider and determine all matters directly or indirectly affecting its interest, and to make such Bye-laws as may in their opinion be necessary for the management of the Society, provided such Bye-laws are not repugnant to these Rules.

XIV. One-third of the annual revenue of the Society shall be applied in procuring Books, Objects of Natural History or of Scientific interest, for the permanent benefit of the Society and of the community.