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Volume 2, 1869
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Art. XIV.—On some new species of New Zealand Plants.

[Read before the Wellington Philosophical Society, November 13, 1869.]

Ozothamnus lanceolatus, Buchanan. n. sp.

A small shrub, 2–4 feet high; branches slender, tomentose at the tips, grooved. Leaves, 1 ½ inches long, narrow, alternate, lanceolate, slightly waved on the margins, entire or obscurely crenate, white and cottony beneath, finely reticulated on the upper surface, spathulate or contracted into a winged petiole ¼ inch long. Heads in small, lateral, peduncled corymbs, involucral scales, scarious, woolly at the base, pappus hairs thickened at the tip. Achene glabrous.

Allied to Ozothamnus glomeratus, but easily distinguished by the lanceolate leaves and glabrous achene. Habitat, mountains of Hokianga 2000–3000 feet alt. Collected by Mr. J. Buchanan.

Geum uniflorum, Buchanan. n. sp.

A small herb, 6–8 inches high; rhizome, prostrate, stout, woody. Leaves 1 ½–2 inches long, pinnate; leaflets, one pair, very small, crenate; terminal leaflet, reniform, 1 inch broad, obtusely crenate, nearly glabrous on both surfaces, but with a marginal row of pencils of stiff orange hairs on the edges of the crenatures. Flower, large, 1–1 ¼ inches dia., white, terminal on a

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slender villous stem. Calyx lobes, oblong, obtuse, villous. Styles, subulate, tips hooked, villous at bottom, with long hairs.

Allied to Geum parviflorum, and distinguished by the large single flower, orange pencils of hairs on the crenatures, and minute single pair of leaflets. Habitat, mountains of Nelson, 3000–4000 feet alt. Collected by Mr. H. H. Travers.

Senecio laxifolia, Buchanan. n. sp.

A woody shrub. Branches, petioles, leaves below, and inflorescence, covered with buffish-white tomentum. Leaves with slender petioles, ½–1 ½ inches long, blade, 1–2 ½ inches long, narrow, oblong, tapering, acute at both ends, flat, crenate or obscurely crenate, finely reticulated above, and with flocculent tomentum on the midrib, slightly coriaceous. Corymbs, very open, on long slender peduncles, 3–7 inches long, with a few narrow, linear leaves, ¼–¾ inch long. Heads, broad cylindric, ½–¾ inch dia., rays, ⅓ inch long, revolute, pappus hair, white, scabrid; achene, grooved, glabrous.

Allied to Senecio Monroi, but easily distinguished from it by its habit, larger flat acute leaves, which are never wrinkled on the margins, long peduncled corymbs, larger flowers, and absence of glandular pubescence on the involucre and pedicles. Habitat, mountains of Nelson, 3000–5000 feet alt. Collected by Mr. H. H. Travers.