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Volume 4, 1871
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– 218 –

Art. XXXVII.—Description of a New Shell found at Nelson.

[Read before the Wellington Philosophical Society, 1st July, 1871].

Imperator Davisii, Stowe. n. sp.

Shell conical, solid, imperforate, where abraded highly nacreous. Axis, 4.5 inches; breadth, 3.25 inches; whorls 5 to 6, convex; aperture pearly, in part

– 219 –

tinged with green, four times the size of the operculum, the form of which it resembles in general outline; lip thin; throat nacreous; operculum shelly, ear-shaped, closely resembling that of I. Cookii. The base appears to lack the ornamentation peculiar to this last-named shell, though the whorls show traces of the wavy corrugation. The principal distinguishing marks between the two would seem to be the difference in the form of the aperture, and the far more marked tendency toward the conical form presented by the contour of the present specimen.

This shell, the only example at present obtained,* was discovered at low water at the cliffs at Nelson, N.Z., by the late Mr. E. H. Davis, of the New Zealand Geological Survey.

[Footnote] * Another specimen has since been obtained in the same locality.—Ed.