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Volume 4, 1871
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– 362 –

On the Ocean Currents from New Zealand. Letter from Mr. Robert Hart

4. A letter from Mr. Robert Hart was read by Dr. Hector, calling attention to a report that a telegraph pole, with the Government brand, had been cast up on the Chatham Islands, as proving a set in the ocean currents from New Zealand to the eastward.

– 363 –

The President said the circumstance had a most important bearing on the question of the transfusion of species of plants among the islands of the South Pacific, and that the existence of the drift described by Mr. Hart had already been specially pointed out by his son in the account he gave of the Chatham Islands, printed in Vol. I. of the Transactions of the Institute, p. 173.

5. “Preliminary Notes on the Isolation of the Bitter Substance of the Nut of the Karaka Tree (Corynocarpus lœvigata),” by W. Skey, Analyst to the Geological Survey Department. (See Transactions, p. 316.) The author announced that he had succeeded in isolating the bitter principle of the Karaka berry, and had found it to be a crystallizable resin, analogous to the active poisons picrotoxine and digitaline. Mr. Skey proposed to name the new resin “Karakine.”