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Volume 4, 1871
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– 373 –

On the Wreck of a Vessel found inland on the West Coast.

4. Dr. Hector described the position of the portion of a wreck of a vessel that was found many years since on the West Coast, near Arnott Point. Portions of the wreck, which had been sent by Mr. Mueller, Chief Surveyor, together with a plan and description of the locality, were on the table. The fragment is 20 feet long, 12 feet broad, and consists of three layers of planking bound together with brass bolts and screw trenells of wood. It lies 300 yards in a direct line from high-water mark, and nearly three-quarters of a mile up from the mouth of a small creek.

Dr. Hector said that it could not be very old, and that it showed how rapidly the coast drift formed in some situations, as this wreck must have been cast up when the beach line was less advanced by 300 yards. The difference of level has not yet been accurately ascertained, but must be very slight.

The Hon. Mr. Waterhouse suggested that it might have been thrown up by an earthquake wave.

Dr. Hector doubted this, owing to the shape of the coast.

– 374 –

Captain Hutton said we have no evidence of earthquake waves ever reaching New Zealand from the westward, which would be necessary to account for the casting up of this wreck.

5. An interesting series of specimens illustrating the different stages of development of the Brown Trout, from the egg to the full-grown fish, were on the table, having been presented by Mr. Howard, the Curator of the Acclimatisation Society of Southland.