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Volume 4, 1871
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– 388 –

Note on a Tuatara.

5. A fine specimen of the Tuatara (Sphenodon punctatum, Schtz.), captured on the Ruarimu Rocks by Major Mair, was exhibited. In the note which accompanied it Major Mair stated that it was confined to a small coneshaped elevation in the centre of the islet, where it was found in the holes of sea-birds. The common striped lizard (Mocoa zelandica, Gray), is plentiful in the lower parts of the islet, but the two kinds keep thoroughly apart.

6. “On the Alluvial Deposits of the Lower Waikato, and the Formation of Islands by the River,” by Captain F. W. Hutton, F.G.S. (See Transactions, p. 333.) The author conclusively showed the fresh-water origin of these deposits, and accounted for the occurrence of littoral plants as detailed by Mr. Kirk in the Transactions N.Z. Inst., Vol. III., p. 147, on the supposition of their having been introduced from the Middle Waikato basin after the formation of tne Taupiri Gorge.

7. The Rev. A. G. Purchas exhibited the female insect and larvæ of one or two species of Lampyridœ, which he had obtained from some of the drives

– 389 –

on the Thames goldfields. He stated that their luminosity in some cases was most remarkable.