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Volume 4, 1871
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Notwithstanding that the subscription had been doubled, in order to allow of the Association becoming affiliated to the New Zealand Institute, the number of members had increased. One-third of the total amount of subscriptions received was given to a local library and museum (the Nelson Institute), in accordance with the rules of the New Zealand Institute, and the selection of books to be purchased had been placed in the hands of a Joint Committee. Arrangements had also been made that the collections of the Association should be deposited in the Nelson Museum. His Lordship the Bishop of Nelson had been chosen in October last to vote in the election of Governors of the New Zealand Institute. There had been ten meetings since the last annual meeting, and the average attendance of members was fifteen. A nomination for the election of Honorary Members of the New Zealand Institute had been made in accordance with Statute IV.

In conclusion, the Committee urged upon every member the necessity of contributing to the general stock of knowledge, and proposed the establish-

– 428 –

ment of a course of scientific lectures, the funds from which might be made available for the purchase of scientific instruments.

A vote of thanks to the officers for the past year was carried unanimously.