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Volume 5, 1872
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Tursio Metis.

T. metis, Gray, l.c. 256.

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Animal unknown. Skull globular; back of blower tubercular; rostrum thick, conical, tapering, longer than head, and more than twice as long as width at notch; intermaxillaries convex and more than half the width of the beak; triangle extends to the commencement of the tooth series; teeth large, the sockets being half an inch from centre to centre, 22/21 — 22/21.

To this species, which is founded on a single skull in the British Museum, the habitat of which is unknown, I refer a skull obtained by Mr. T. H. Potts at Dusky Bay, which has the following measurements:—

Length 21.
Width at orbits 10.
" " notch 5.3
" "middle of beak 3.
Length of beak 11.5
" "lower jaw 17.5
" "dental groove 10.

The teeth are wanting, but the lower jaw appears to have had a slightly larger terminal tooth on each side directed obliquely forwards. The tooth sockets are very large, and nearly an inch in depth. The lower jaw is very stout.

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