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Volume 5, 1872
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– 431 –
  • (1.) Human.—Skull, pelvis, extremities, Lyall Bay; thigh bone, Evans Bay; thigh bones, etc., Ludlam Gully.

  • (2.) Dinornis, sp. Moas.—Femur (collected by Dr. Hector), Lyall Bay; sacrum and bones of extremities of small-sized species (femur, 6 inches), Ludlam Gully; tibia and other fragments of middle size—had been split and cooked (?), Evans Bay; femur and other fragments of middle size much incrusted with swamp deposit, Burnham Water, swamp; fragments of large size, sand deposit round Burnham Water.

  • (3.) Cetacean bones, Burnham Water.

  • (4.) Footbones of a Calf, Lyall Bay.

2. “On the Effect of Wind-driven Sand as a Cutting Agent,” by Edwin Stowe, B.A. (See Transactions, p. 105)

This paper was illustrated by specimens collected at Waikato Heads, and excited some discussion.