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Volume 5, 1872
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Mr. Gillies presented the original Ms. of a Maori poem, for the publication of which Mr. C. O. Davis was tried for sedition in 1865, and which might therefore be expected to become of historic interest.

Mr. Gillies called attention to a statement made by Dr. Hector in the fourth volume of Transactions (p. 379) respecting the first introduction of trout, from which it appeared that trout were first liberated in the North Island in November, 1871; the fact being that trout were first introduced into the North Island by the Auckland Acclimatization Society, and liberated near Auckland in October, 1870. He thought it possible that, unless corrected, this error might at some future day lead to misconception with regard to the rate of diffusion of this fish.

1. “Notes on Rurima Rocks,” by Major W. G. Mair. (See Transactions, p. 151.)

The Hon. Col. Haultain corroborated the author's statement respecting the abundance of fish in the vicinity of the rocks.