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Volume 5, 1872
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4. “On a Remarkable Instance of Refraction of the Hakarimata and Taupiri Ranges,” by Major W. G. Mair.


On 1st June of the present year a remarkable instance of mirage or refraction was witnessed by a number of persons in Alexandra. A portion of the Hakarimata and Taupiri ranges, about ten miles in length, distant from thirty miles on the left to thirty-six miles on the right hand, and bearing from north-west to north, appeared to be lifted fully 1,000 feet into the air. At one moment it looked like a dark wall with a straight upper edge, and then it would suddenly be cleft open and present numerous gaps and peaks with castellated summits. The openings would increase gradually and then close again, after which flashes of light would appear in the face of the wall, and

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gaps would again be seen, the transitions being so rapid that the eye could not follow them. At times the phenomenon would become as it were fixed, and no perceptible alteration could be noticed for the space of a quarter of an hour. The upper edge maintained the same level throughout, except when occasionally a clump of trees would be drawn up to several times their height.

5. Further Notes on the Nativity of Polygonum aviculare, L., in New Zealand; in reply to Mr. Travers,” by T. Kirk, F.L.S. (See Transactions, p. 315.)