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Volume 5, 1872
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Abstract of Annual Report.

The Council, in presenting its annual report, is again able to congratulate the members of the Society on its steady progress. Twelve papers have been read during the last year, several of which have been printed in the fourth volume of the Transactions of the New Zealand Institute.

An order for books to the value of £20 has been sent home, and at the same time a spectroscope of high class, to cost about £50, was ordered.

Arrangements have also been made for the transmission of a further order for books to the amount of £45.

The library of the Society has received valuable presents from the Smithsonian Institution at Washington, the Museum of Comparative Zoology of Harvard College, the Trustees of the Public library at Melbourne, and from Mr. Justice Chapman.

The total receipts for the year amounted to £139 3s. 11d., of which £79 11s. 6d. was received as subscriptions, and the expenditure to £140 13s. 11d., but £115 of the amount set down as expenditure has been transferred to the Library Fund. Out of this £70 has been spent on books and a spectroscope.

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The Field Naturalists' Club, initiated at one of the meetings of the Society, has been actively at work during the past season, and a report of its proceedings has been prepared by Mr. P. Thomson, the Honorary Secretary of the Club.