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Volume 5, 1872
– 480 –


The author said that the subject of his remarks was presented to the society by Mr. Jennings as a cross between a cat and an opossum, said to be bred by Mr. Jones, of Ballarat, Australia.

– 481 –

It is a very well known fact that we can only get crosses or hybrids between closely allied species, and when produced they are sterile. The wide difference between the feline and the marsupial races forbids us to expect a cross or hybrid. The domestic cat crosses readily with various wild species, and it would appear that the character of the domestic breeds has at least in some cases been thus affected.

The author described the varieties and peculiarities of cats as mentioned by several writers, sufficient in his opinion to account for the appearance of this specimen, without supposing that it is a cross between the cat and opossum. He believed it to be only a cat.