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Volume 5, 1872
– 483 –

Sixth Meeting. 19th November, 1872.
J. T. Thomson, F.R.G.S., Vice-President, in the chair.

New member.—Allan Holmes.

The Secretary announced the receipt from London of additions to the library.

The nomination for the election of honorary members of the New Zealand Institute was made in accordance with Statute IV.

1. “On the Influence of Temperature on Infant Mortality,” by Dr. Deck. (See Appendix, p. xxxv.)

The Rev. Dr. Stuart suggested that the contemporaneity of the fruit season and the greatest temperature had an important share in the increase of the death-rate among children. The subject of infant mortality had been forcibly brought under his notice during the performance of his ministerial duties. Especially he had noticed that nearly all illegitimate children, subjected as they were to bad nursing and lack of care, died in infancy.

A short conversation ensued, during which Dr. Deck gave some further explanation of the subject treated upon.

2. “An Astronomical Telescope on a New Construction,” by H. Skey. (See Transactions, p. 119.)

A model of this invention was exhibited by Mr. Skey, in which the rotatory motion was given to the vessel containing mercury by means of an electro-magnetic engine. The vibration of the floor of the room, however, rendered the action of the speculum indifferent.

3. “Notes on the Zodiacal Light,” by J. S. Webb. (See Appendix, p. xlvii.)

Mr. H. Skey, in reply to some remarks in this paper on the theory he had brought before the Society on a former occasion, said that no doubt the vast extension of the Zodiacal Light in other directions than that in which he conceived it to have its greatest extension must be conceded. He had not intended to preclude this view of the shape of the zodiacal envelope.