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Volume 5, 1872
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Election of Officers for 1873.—President—Sir David Monro; Vice-President—The Bishop of Nelson; Council—Hon. J. Renwick, C. Hunter-Brown, George Williams, M.D., R. Lee, J. Shephard; Hon. Treasurer—J. G. Holloway; Hon. Secretary—T. Mackay.

The Secretary reported the receipt of new books from London, and a further supply was ordered.

The President suggested that a copy of Hooker's “New Zealand Flora” should be ordered, and at the same time remarked that when a new edition of this work was next published, it would add much to its value and usefulness if it was illustrated. It was considered, therefore, that a suggestion to this effect should be conveyed to the Board of the New Zealand Institute in order that they may communicate with Dr. Hooker on the subject.

A conversation arose on the question of the utilization of the Botanical Gardens in Nelson. It was generally considered that, if the provincial funds would allow of it, these gardens might be turned to good account in trying experiments of “Economic Botany;” for instance, in the proper cultivation of sugar-beet, sugar-grass (Sorghum saccharatum), and other plants, as well as trees, whose products might be suitable for local industries.