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Volume 6, 1873
– ix –


Meteorological Statistics of New Zealand for 1873 xixxxi
Earthquakes reported in New Zealand during 1873 xxi
Comparative Abstract for 1873 and Previous Years xxii
Notes on the Weather during 1873 xxiiixxiv
Philological Considerations on the Whence of the Maori. By J. T. Thomson, F.R.G.S. xxvlxv
On the Botany of Tahiti. (Author unknown.) Communicated by the Hon. W. B. D. Mantell, F.G.S. lxvilxxx
Abstract of Lecture on New Guinea. By Captain Moresby, R.N., of H.M.S. “Basilisk” lxxxilxxxix
A Catalogue of the Neuropterous Insects of New Zealand; with Notes and Descriptions of new Forms. By Robert M'Lachlan, F.L.S. (Reprinted from Ann. and Mag. N. H., July, 1873, p. 30 et seq.) xcxcix
Honorary Members of the New Zealand Institute c
Ordinary Members ccvi
Errata et Addenda iii
Contents vix
List of Plates x
Board of Governors of the New Zealand Institute xi
Abstracts of Rules and Statutes of the New Zealand Institute xi-xiii
List of Incorporated Societies xiv
Officers of Incorporated Societies and Extracts from the Rules xivxvi