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Volume 6, 1873
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Philosophical Institute of canterbury.

Office-Bearers for 1873.—President—H. J. Tancred; Vice-Presidents— T. H. Potts, F.L.S., Robert Wilkin; Council—Julius Haast, Ph.D., F.R.S., G. W. Hall, Ven. Archdeacon Wilson, His Honour Mr. Justice Gresson, Dr. A. C. Barker, W. Montgomery; Hon. Treasurer—J. Inglis; Hon. Secretary—C. M. Wakefield.

Office-Bearers for 1874.—President—Julius Haast, Ph.D., F.R.S.; Vice-Presidents—Ll. Powell, M.D., G. W. Hall; Council—His Honour Mr. Justice Gresson, W. Montgomery, R. W. Fereday, Dr. J. S. Coward, H. J. Tancred, Rev. J. W. Stack; Hon. Treasurer—J. Inglis; Auditors—J. Palmer, R. Wilkin; Hon. Secretary—C. M. Wakefield.

Extracts from the Rules of the Philosophical Institute of Canterbury.

7. The Ordinary Meetings of the Institute shall be held every first week during the months from March to November inclusive.

25. Members of the Institute shall pay two guineas for the first year of membership, and one guinea annually thereafter, as a subscription to the funds of the Institute.

27. Members may compound for all annual subscriptions of the current and future years by paying ten guineas.