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Volume 6, 1873
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Notes respecting a Hot Spring in the Bed of the Wataroa River, Westland

4. A letter from Mr. W. H. Ralph, regarding a Hot Spring in the Bed of the Wataroa River, Westland, was communicated by Dr. Hector.

“4th August, 1873.—Some three weeks ago I was, along with two other men, out prospecting in the Wataroa River—the right-hand branch—when, about fifty miles up it from the sea beach, we came across a hot-water spring. It was situated in the bed of the river—the right-hand side—and the gas was issuing through the water among the rocks, causing a great bubbling. It was strongly charged with sulphur, and we could smell the noxious vapours for over a mile round. I am writing this under the impression that it may at some future day benefit science; or, should an eruption occur at any distant date, it may be known to exist. We intended to have brought down along with us a billy-full of the water on returning, to have it analyzed, but found, on going further up the river, that the other side was far better travelling, so we forded, and missed the opportunity. I may be allowed to add that it was a very bad road to travel, it taking us sometimes a day to go a mile or two.”