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Volume 6, 1873
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Note on Sporadanthus, a new genus of plants from the Chatham Islands

5. Dr. Hector read the following extract from a letter received from Baron von Mueller, relative to a plant from the Chatham Islands, described in “Fragmenta Phytographiæ Australiensis,” LXII., p. 79, as Lepyrodia traversii, which further specimens have proved to be a new genus—

“Among the Restiaceæ last sent by Mr. Buchanan is a female specimen of the tall species peculiar to the Chatham Islands. Unexpectedly it shows this plant to belong to the nucular, not the capsular, series of the genera, among which its dispersion of flowers places it separate from any, except the South African genus Elegia; but, as it differs in various respects from all the specimens of that genus, and as we have no Elegias out of Africa, I have deemed it best to form a separate genus for the Chatham Island plant, and have named this new genus Sporadanthus. It holds precisely the same relation to Leptocarpus as Lepyrodia to Restio. Perhaps you will kindly insert a brief note to this effect in your next volume.”

The annual general meeting, which could not be held owing to the required number of members not being present, was adjourned till Monday, 26th January.