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Volume 6, 1873
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Abstract Report of the Council.

Seven meetings have been held during the year, at which twenty-one papers were read.

The number of visitors to the Museum has been larger than during any previous year. Considerable additions have been made to the Museum and Library, and also to the Herbarium.

In addition to the ordinary work of the Institute, considerable assistance has been afforded to the public in the identification of minerals, birds, insects, and plants, affording proof of the readiness of a small section of the community to avail itself of a portion of the advantages offered by the Institute.

The Council believe that much of the interest manifested in scientific pursuits is due to the annual volume of “Transactions.” They would also call attention to the Natural History Catalogues, issued by the Geological Survey Department, and have especial pleasure in recording the efforts being made to establish classes for the study of certain branches of natural science in connection with the Auckland College and Grammar School.

The receipts for the year ending 19th May, 1873, amount to £280 4s. 8d., and the expenditure to £228 4s. 9d., leaving a balance of £51 19s. 11d. The expenditure includes, however, the expenses for three months of the current year. The subscriptions for the year amount to £187 19s.