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Volume 6, 1873
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Seventh Meeting. 8th December, 1873.

New members.—Sir G. A. Arney, Chief Justice of New Zealand, T. Spencer, G. F. Edmonstone, A. Clark, J. E. Allen, J. Robertson.

The Secretary read the list of donations to the Library and Museum.

The Secretary stated that a complete set of rock specimens from the Tokatea Tunnel would eventually be placed in the Museum.

1. “On the Probability of a Water Supply being obtained for the City of Auckland from Mount Eden” (continued), by J. Goodall, C.E. (Transactions, p. 39.)

– 405 –

2. “Notes on the Proposition to supply Auckland with Water from Mount Eden,” by J. Stewart, C.E. (Transactions, p. 40.)

This paper was read by the Secretary in the absence of the author.

A lengthy and animated discussion ensued, in which Mr. Baber, C.E., advocated Mr. Goodall's proposal, which was not received with favour by the majority of members who spoke on the subject.

3. “Notice of an Undescribed Species of Cordyline (C. hookeri),” by T. Kirk, F.L.S. (Transactions, p. 244.)

The paper was illustrated by specimens from the Herbarium of the Institute.

4. “Notes on Indigenous Materials for the Manufacture of Paper,” by T. Kirk, F.L.S. (Transactions, p. 55.)

Recent specimens of most of the plants named were exhibited by the author.

Mr. Heale drew the attention of the members to the approaching removal of the Secretary to Wellington, and, after eulogizing his services to the Institute, proposed that the thanks of the members be presented to Mr. Kirk, with the expression of their cordial good wishes for his prosperity.

The proposition was seconded by the Rev. A. G. Purchas, supported by the President, and carried.

In expressing his sense of the honour conferred upon him, Mr. Kirk stated that, notwithstanding the trials through which the Institute had passed during the six years of its existence, it had never retrograded, but always maintained its position as the first, in point of number, of all the affiliated societies of the New Zealand Institute.