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Volume 6, 1873
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Abstract Report of the Council.

The Council regret they cannot congratulate the members on the progress made during the past year, for, though the number of members is not materially less, the papers read have been few, and the attendance small. They hope that during the year it may attain to such a position as it should occupy among the scientific societies of New Zealand.

The number of members is 77. Nine meetings have been held, at which fourteen communications were read, and the average attendance at meetings has been ten.

The Council desire to record their profound sense of the loss which the Institute has suffered through the death of Dr. A. C. Barker.

Mr. W. M. Maskell, assisted by other members, has undertaken to write the History of Canterbury, in accordance with a former resolution.

In July last a valuable “Catalogue of New Zealand Neuroptera” was published by R. M‘Lachlan, F.L.S., in the “Annals and Magazine of Natural History,” with the express intention of assisting the entomologists of this country; and the Council take this opportunity of expressing their grateful appreciation of Mr. M‘Lachlan's disinterested services in the cause of science, and also of making known their opinion that this Catalogue should be re-printed in the next volume of the “Transactions.”

A microscope has been obtained, and the sum of £10 has been voted for the purchase of slides. The same sum will also be spent on works of natural history.

The Council make an appeal to educated and professional men to join the society.

The Treasurer's report shows the receipts during the year to have been £164 2s. 6d., the expenditure having been £140 12s., leaving a balance of £23 10s. 6d.