Go to National Library of New Zealand Te Puna Mātauranga o Aotearoa
Volume 6, 1873
– 426 –

A. Family Dinornithidæ.

a. Genus Dinornis.

Metatarsus long, no hallux, pelvis narrow, sternum longer than broad, convex, with constant and well-marked coracoid depressions for the scapulocoracoid bone; narrow and straight anterior crest, costal processes slightly developed, lateral processes standing at less angle than in the Palapterygidæ. Existence of a bony scapulo-coracoid; beak narrow and pointed, three intercostals; skeleton altogether of a more slender stature than any of the Palapterygidæ.


Dinornis maximus.


Dinornis robustus.


Dinornis ingens.


Dinornis struthioides.


Dinornis gracilis.

b. Genus Meionornis. *

Metatarsus long, no hallux, pelvis narrow like Dinornis, and the whole skeleton altogether more slender than any of the Palapterygidæ. Sternum convex, longer than broad, with a broad and well-curved anterior border; costal processes well developed, no coracoid depressions; bony scapulo-coracoid absent, beak well pointed and even narrower than in Dinornis.


Meionornis casuarinus.


Meionornis didiformis.

[Footnote] * From meion, less; and ornis, bird.