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Volume 6, 1873
– 435 –


This paper was a description of the Grampus phocŒna orca of Owen, which was killed at the heads by the Maoris, and obtained from them for the Museum by the Hon. Captain Fraser. It has a very formidable-looking head, and large laniariform teeth well adapted for tearing and destroying whales. The Maoris call them “killers,” and say that they attack whales and tear out their tongues. The author had a photograph taken of this specimen, and forwarded it to Dr. Hector, in the hope that scientific men might take up the

[Footnote] † Orca pacifica, Gray, Proc. Zool. Soc., 1870, p. 70.—[Ed.]

– 436 –

subject and give some information regarding the animals frequenting our coasts, as there was great uncertainty regarding their history.