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Volume 6, 1873
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– xxii –

Notes on the Weather during 1873.

January.—Unseasonable weather generally at all the stations during this month; heavy falls of rain, and frequently stormy, with thunder and hail; very wet in South. High atmospheric pressure on 30th, and very low on the 8th throughout; storm occurred on latter date.

February.—Excessive rain at some of the northern stations, with strong S.E. winds, but otherwise the weather was remarkably fine and dry, with light northerly winds; in the South, easterly winds with greatly reduced rainfall, especially in mountainous districts.

March.—The weather throughout was, on the whole, fine, with small rainfall and moderate winds; no storms of importance occurred at any of the stations; the average temperature for the month is high in nearly every case.

April.—Unusual prevalence of easterly weather, accompanied by excessive rainfall in the North and on the East Coast, while the rain was deficient on the West Coast and among the Alps.

May.—Mild weather throughout for season of year. In the North temperature above and rainfall below the average for previous years; prevailing winds westerly. In the South several storms, with snow, hail, and thunder.

June.—Remarkably fine, mild, calm weather, except on the West Coast of South Island, where it was frequently squally and wet; and at Wellington it was stormy in latter part of month. Temperature on the whole higher than average, and rainfall less than usual.

July.—Rainfall at some of the Northern stations in excess, but on West Coast and in the South it was considerably below the usual average, and the weather was tolerably fine for time of year. The prevailing wind throughout was from S.W., but no violent storms occurred. The temperature throughout was below the average, and frequently cold, severe weather occurred, with snow, hail, and thunder.

August.—The weather on the whole was mild throughout for the time of year, but the rainfall was in excess, and occasionally it was stormy and severe. Winds prevailed from westward. Very high atmospheric pressure at beginning of month, reaching to 30.54 inches, and about the 18th it fell to 29.2, when the weather was wet and squally throughout.

– xxiii –

September.—The weather throughout was excessively wet and stormy. Westerly winds prevailed, and at some stations violent gales occurred, accompanied with severe thunder, heavy rain, and hail. In the extreme South, although the rain was excessive, yet the wind was not so strong.

October.—Occasionally stormy rough weather, but on the whole seasonable. In the North rain was in excess, and in the South considerably less than the average. The atmospheric pressure low throughout, and temperature about the average.

November.—Generally fine, pleasant, and seasonable, with a fair amount of rain; no storms of any note took place, but thunder was in some parts frequent.

December.—Seasonable weather during this month; temperature rather above the average, rainfall on the whole less than usual; prevailing N. W. winds, and at some stations strong gales occurred; exceedingly hot and oppressive at times.