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Volume 7, 1874
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– 279 –
Art. XXXIX.—Description of two new Species of Aplysia.
Plate XXI.

[Read before the Otago Institute, 14th September, 1874.]

Aplysia brunnea, sp. nov.

Animal of a uniform rich dark brown, about 4 inches in length. Shell horny, ear-shaped, firm, the whole shell very finely concentrically striated; epidermis pale brown.

Length, .9 in.; breath, .7 in.

Habitat—Wellington and Dunedin.

The shell somewhat resembles that of A. excavata, Sow., from Port Jackson, but it is not square at the end.

Aplysia venosa, sp. nov.

Animal yellowish-brown, veined with dark brown, about 6 inches in length. Shell membranous; the apex rather coarsely concentrically striated, the rest of the shell smooth and polished; epidermis pale straw colour.

Length, 1.25; breadth, 1 inch.