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Volume 7, 1874
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Art. LXXIII—Description of three new Tertiary Shells, in the Otago Museum.
Plate XXI.
[Read before the Otago Institute, 12th October, 1874.]
Cominella striata, sp. nov.

Fusiform; spire acute, produced. Whorls six or seven, convex, with small spiral ribs, and finely spirally striated between the ribs; upper whorls of the spire transversely ribbed; body whorl moderate. Columella with a few small teeth at the anterior end; aperture ovate; outer lip grooved inside; canal rather long, turned slightly backward, and notched. Length, 1.15; breadth, .6.

Locality.—Wanganui, in blue clay.

Presented to the Museum by W. T. L. Travers, Esq., F.L.S.

Zizyphinus hodgei, sp. nov.

Thin; whorls flattened, suture obscure; outline of spire concave. Whorls angled with fine spiral moniliform lines, of which there are about five on the body whorl in front of the aperture from the suture to the keel. Columella with a small callosity over the umbilicus. Length, .85; breadth, .95.

Locality.—Wanganui, in blue clay.

Presented to the Museum by M. V. Hodge, Esq.

Venus (?) sulcata, sp. nov.

Ovate, sub-equilateral, rounded in front and obliquely truncated behind. Umbones slightly turned forward. Shell deeply and broadly concentrically grooved. Height, 1.9; length, 2.4.

Locality.—Napier, in limestone.

Presented to the Museum by Captain Hutton, F.G.S.