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Volume 9, 1876


The present Volume contains only the Transactions of the Institute for the year, comprising a selection from the original papers read before the various affiliated Societies. As they alone occupy more space than any previous issue, the Proceedings, Minutes, and Presidential Addresses and Lectures, heretofore included in the Volume, have been deferred for future publication. For the same reason the publication of the following papers has had to be postponed: —


Observations on the Evidences of Recent Change in the Elevation of the Waikato. By James Stewart, C.E.


Remarks upon the supposed Pleistocene Glaciation of New Zealand, and Post-Glacial Moas. By J. Cockburn Hood, F.G.S.


Notice of a Senecio. By J. Buchanan, F.L.S.


Observations on Captain Hutton's paper on the Maori Cooking-Places at the Mouth of Shag River (Vol. VIII., “Trans. N. 2. Inst.,” pp. 103–8). By Julius von Haast, Ph.D., F.R.S.


On a New Fire Grate for Economizing the Combustion of Coals and Lignite, and increasing the Radiation of Heat. By H. Skey.


On the Approximate Composition of Winslow's Soothing Syrup. By W. Skey.


On the proposed Introduction of the Polecat into New Zealand. By Walter L. Buller, C.M.G., D.Sc.


On a Marine Spider found at Cape Campbell. By C. H. Robson.


On the supposed Influence of Climate over the Geographical Distribution of the Marine Mollusca. By C. W. Purnell.


Notice of a Meteorite. By James Leece.


Scientific Instruction in New Zealand. By Professor Bickerton, F.C.S.

The late period at which many of the papers were received has caused some delay in the issue of the Volume, and imposed much extra labour on the Assistant Editor, Mr. Leonard Stowe, to whom the acknowledgments of the Board are due for the efficient manner in which the corrections for the press have been performed.

The Editor has also to recognise the assistance of Mr. R. B. Gore in preparing the Meteorological Statistics appended to the Volume, and of Mr. John Buchanan, F.L.S., by whom most of the Illustrations have been drawn on stone, the printing having been done at the Government Lithographic Establishment by permission of the Hon. the Colonial Secretary.