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Volume 9, 1876
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– 548 –

Ligusticum enysii, n.s.

Depressed, 2–4 inches high, solitary. Leaves few, spreading, when fresh excessively thick and glaucous, 2–3 inches long, linear, pinnate, leaflets in 3–6 pairs, sessile, ovate, or ovate-acuminate, lobed or deeply toothed, not piliferous. Stem decumbent, 2–4 inches high, simple, or with a single branch. Umbels of 3–5 unequal, spreading rays, springing from a cup-shaped involucre composed of 2 broadly ovate, apiculate, involucral leaves; partial umbels 3–6 flowered, flowers on slender pedicels. Fruit ovoid, carpels 5-winged.

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Pilularia Novæ-Zealandiæ n. sp.

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Celmisia Walkeri, n. sp.

– 549 –

Hab.: South Island: Limestone Rocks, Broken River, Canterbury. J. D. Enys and T. Kirk.

Allied to L. aromaticum, Banks and Sol., from which it differs in its singular habit, excessively thick, glaucous leaves, connate involucre and broad fruit. The cauline leaves are not furnished with sheathing bases.