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Volume 9, 1876
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– 549 –

Raoulia petriensis, n. s.

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A small, hard, densely tufted species; branches short, erect. Leaves loosely imbricate, 1/10 inch broad, broadly spathulate, thickened at the tips, nerveless, clothed on the upper surface with appressed white hairs, greenish below; tips of old leaves recurved. Heads deeply immersed amongst the uppermost leaves; involucral scales about 20, rather stout, with membranous apex and margins; outer series linear oblong, obtuse; inner series linear obovate, narrow. Florets numerous. Pappus of few white hairs with thickened tips, finely serrulate. Achene faintly grooved, smooth.

Hab.: South Island: Mount St. Bathans, Otago. D. M. Petrie.

– 550 –

Allied to R. hectori, Hook., f., but differs in the peculiar leaves, larger flower heads, and faintly grooved achenes, which are never silky.

I have dedicated this interesting plant to its discoverer, to whom I am indebted for much valuable information on the botany of Otago.