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Volume 9, 1876
– 653 –

Fourth Meeting. 4th July, 1876.
H. Skey, Vice-president, in the chair.

New Members.—H. L. Squires, A. Christophers, T. Mackenzie.

New Mode of Irrigating an Object on a Microscope.

1. “On a new Fire-grate for economising the Combustion of Coals and Lignite and increasing the Radiation of Heat,” by H. Skey.

2. “Notes on the New Zealand Delphinidœ,” by Captain F. W. Hutton, C.M.Z.S. (Transactions, p. 349.)

3. Captain Hutton exhibited a specimen of Diomedea cauta, Gould, which had been obtained at Blueskin, and presented to the Museum by Mr. A. C. Purdie.

4. Professor Coughtrey explained a new mode of irrigating an object on a microscope-slide. The plan was to place a ring of blotting paper on the slide, round the covering glass, and then by a rapid movement to wet the complete ring with a camel-hair brush.

– 654 –

By this means the liquid penetrated equally all round the object, which was not disturbed from its position by the currents.