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Volume 11, 1878
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Art. LXXVII.–Notice of the Discovery of Calceolaria repens, Hook. f., and other Plants in the Wellington District.

[Read before the Wellington Philosophical Society, 1st March, 1879.]

During a walking excursion from Wellington to the Wairarapa, returning by the coast, I was fortunate enough to find in a small gully on the Rimutaka mountains, several plants of Calceolaria repens, hitherto, I believe, unknown in this district. The plants grew on the side of the gully, on a mass of loose, crumbling rock, covered with dead leaves and rotten twigs.

C. repens is a small, creeping plant, with slender stems and alternate, ovate, deeply serrate leaves, the whole slightly pubescent. The flowers are distant and borne in three- to six-flowered panicles. They are small and white, with a few purple spots on the throat. The two lobes of the corolla are nearly equal.

The plant was first discovered by Mr. Colenso, in the Ruahine mountains. My father's herbarium contains specimens from the East Cape, collected by the Venerable Archdeacon Williams. It has, I believe, been collected at Mount Egmont by Mr. J. Buchanan, but is not mentioned in his list of Taranaki plants. As these were its only known habitats, its occurrence in the Rimutaka range shows a great extension of its limit southward,

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During the excursion several other plants were collected, which appear to have escaped Mr. Buchanan's notice, as they are not mentioned in his list of South Wellington plants. The following are the most remarkable:—

Ranunculus hirtus, Banks and Sol. Mungaroa.

Oreomyrrhis colensoi, Hook. Mungaroa. This plant occurs also on Mount Victoria.

Loranthus tetrapetalus, Forst. Mungaroa.

" decussatus, Kirk. Mungaroa.

Nertera cunninghamii, Hook. Wairarapa Lake. Occurs also on Mount Victoria.

Haloragis micrantha, Br. Mungaroa. Found also close to Wellington.

Olea montana, Hook. Pakuratahi.

" n.s. Mungaroa.

Urtica incisa, Poiret. Mungaroa; common.

Gunnera monoica, Raoul. Mungaroa.

Rumex flexuosus, Forst. Wairarapa Lake. The absence of this plant from the immediate vicinity of Wellington is not easily accounted for.

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Tillæa moschata, DC. Palliser Bay; also at Miramar.

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" debilis, Col. Palliser Bay; also at Miramar.

Cassinia retorta, A. Cunn. Mungaroa.

Raoulia glabra, Hook. Rimutaka.

Chiloglottis cornuta, Hook. Wainui-o-mata.

Corysanthes oblonga, Hook. Mungaroa.

" macrantha, Hook. Okiwi.

Pterostylis trullifolia, Hook. Okiwi.

Carex breviculmis, Br. Mungaroa; common.

" lambertiana, Boott. Mungaroa.

Gahnia hectori, Kirk. Mungaroa; common.

Cladium gunnii, Hook. Mungaroa.

Uncinia ferruginea, Boott. Mungaroa.

Cyperus buchanani, Kirk. Waiwetu.