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Volume 11, 1878
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Tenth Annual Report, 1877-78

Meetings of the Board have been held during the past year on 29th of August, and 8th September, 1877; and 2nd January, 29th of May, and 28th June, 1878.

In accordance with the Act, the following members retired from the Board:—Mr. W. T. L. Travers, the Hon. Mr. Waterhouse and the Hon. Mr. Stafford. The two former gentlemen were re-appointed, and Mr. Thomas Mason was appointed in the room of the Hon. Mr. Stafford.

In compliance with clause 7 of the Act, the Incorporated Societies elected the following gentlemen as Governors of the Institute:—Mr. J. C. Crawford, F.G.S., Mr. Thomas Kirk, F.L.S., and the Bishop of Nelson.

The honorary members elected under Statute IV. of the rules of the Institute, are:—His Excellency Governor F. A. Weld, C.M.G., Tasmania; Professor Spencer Baird, U.S.A.,; and Dr. D. Sharp, Scotland.

The following is a list of members now on the roll of the Institute, showing an increase of 113 during the past year:—

Honorary Members 27
Ordinary Members:
Auckland Institute 278
Hawke Bay Philosophical Institute 68
Wellington Philosophical Society 222
Nelson Association 50
Westland Institute 175
Canterbury Philosophical Institute 99
Otago Institute 224
Total 1,143
– 578 –

Volume X. is now being issued to members, and also to the various Libraries, Societies, and persons mentioned in the list appended.

The publication of the volume was commenced on the 2nd January, and the first copies were received from the publisher towards the end of May.

The large accession of members to the affiliated Societies, not having been notified to the Manager at a sufficiently early date, the number of copies of Volume X. was not increased, so that the edition will be at once exhausted, and no spare copies of this volume will remain on hand.

Volume X. contains 78 articles besides several short notices which appear in the Proceedings, 23 plates, and 629 pages of letter-press.

The following is a comparison of the sections of the work, with last year's volume:—

1878. 1877.
Miscellaneous 190 pages 316 pages.
Zoology 154 " 173 "
Botany 78 " 61 "
Chemistry 36 " 7 "
Geology 48 " 42 "
Proceedings 63 " 62 "
Appendix 60 " 63 "
629 " 724 "

The number of Volumes of Transactions now on hand, is as follows:— Volume I., 2nd edition, 448; Volume II., none; Volume III., 10;

Volume IV., 8; Volume V., 74; Volume VI., 80; Volume VII., 169; Volume VIII., 36; Volume IX., 177; Volume X., 30.

The appended statement of accounts shows a balance to the credit of the Board of £37 1s. 10d.

The annual reports of the various departments attached to the Institute, are also appended, together with a list of the additions to the Library.

James Hector, Manager.
Approved by the Board, 4th September, 1878.
W. B. D. Mantell, Chairman