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Volume 12, 1879




Art. I. The Forest Question in New Zealand. By A. Lecoy, M.A., LL.B. Univ. Paris 823
II. Influence of Forests on Climate and Rainfall. By Frederick S. Peppercorne, C.E. 2432
III. Notes on Port Nicholson and the Natives in 1839. By Major Charles Heaphy, V.C. 3239
IV. On the Principle of New Zealand Weather Forecast. By Commander R. A. Edwin, R.N. 4049
V. On the Ignorance of the Ancient New Zealander of the Use of Projectile Weapons. By Coleman Phillips. 5063
VI. On the Moa. By W. Colenso, F.L.S. 63108
VII. Contributions towards a better Knowledge of the Maori Race. By W. Colenso 108147
VIII. A few Remarks on a Cavern near Cook's Well, at Tolaga Bay, and on a Tree (Sapota costata) found there. By W. Colenso 147150
IX. Notes on an Ancient Manufactory of Stone Implements at the Mouth of the Otokai Creek, Brighton, Otago. By Prof. Julius von Haast, Ph.D., F.R.S., Director of the Canterbury Museum 150153
X. Notes on the Colour-Sense of the Maori. By James W. Stack 153158
XI. Remarks on Mr. Mackenzie Cameron's Theory respecting the Kahui Tipua. By James W. Stack 159164
XII. Notes on the Southern Stars and other Celestial Objects. By J. H. Pope 166175
XIII. Partial Impact (Paper No. 3): On the Origin of the Visible Universe. By Prof. A. W. Bickerton, F.C.S., President of the Philosophical Institute of Canterbury 175181
XIV. Partial Impact (Paper No. 4): On the General Problem of Stellar Collision. By Prof. A. W. Bickerton 181186
XV. On the Genesis of Worlds and Systems. By Prof. A. W. Bickerton 187197
XVI. On the Birth of Nebulæ. By Prof. A. W. Bickerton 197205
XVII. On the Doctrine of Mind-Stuff. By Frederick W. Frankland 205215
XVIII. A Reply to Mr. Frankland's Paper on “The Doctrine of Mind-Stuff.” By C. W. Richmond, a Judge of the Supreme Court of New Zealand 215223
XIX. Pronouns and other Barat Fossil Words compared with Primeval and Non-Aryan Languages of Hindostan and Borders. By J. Turnbull Thomson, F.R.G.S., F.R.S.S.A. etc. 223237
XX. Moriori Connection. By J. Turnbull Thomson 237240


XXI. Notes on Ziphius (Epiodon) novæ-zealandiæ, von Haast—Goosebeaked Whale. By Prof. Julius von Haast, Ph.D., F.R.S., Director of the Canterbury Museum 241246
XXII. On the Occurrence of the Red-capped Dotterel (Hiaticula ruficapilla) in New Zealand. By T. W. Kirk, Assistant in the Colonial Museum 246247
– vi –
XXIII. Remarks on some curious Specimens of New Zealand Birds. By T. W. Kirk 248249
XXIV. Notes on the Nesting Habits of the Orange-wattled Crow. By W. D. Campbell, Assoc. M. Inst. C.E., F.G.S. 249250
XXV. On the New Zealand Frog. By Dr. Fitzinger. Translated from the Zoology of the Voyage of the “Novara,” by Prof. Hutton 250251
XXVI. Notes and Observations on the Animal Economy and Habits of one of our New Zealand Lizards, supposed to be a new Species of Naultinus. By W. Colenso, F.L.S. 251264
XXVII. Description of a new (?) Genus and Species of Butterfly of the Sub-family Satyrinæ. By R. W. Fereday, C.M.E.S.L. 264266
XXVIII. Description of a (?) new Species of the Family Leucanidæ, and a (?) new Species of the Genus (?) Chlenias. By R. W. Fereday 267270
XXIX. Note and Description of a possibly-new Species of Aplysia. By F. H. Meinertzhagen 270271
XXX. On Anas gracilis, Buller. By Prof. Hutton, of the Otago University 271272
XXXI. Contributions to the Entomology of New Zealand. By Prof. Hutton 272274
XXXII. Contributions to the Cœlenterate Fauna of New Zealand. By Prof. Hutton 274276
XXXIII. Additions to the List of New Zealand Worms. By Prof. Hutton 277278
XXXIV. Descriptions of new Star-fishes from New Zealand. By Prof. A. E. Verrill. From the Trans. Connecticut Acad., 1867. Communicated by Prof. Hutton 278283
XXXV. On the Habits of Prionoplus reticularis, with Diagnoses of the Larva and Pupa. By Capt. T. Broun 284288
XXXVI. Description of the Larva of Pericoptus truncatus, with Observations as to Habitat. By Capt. T. Broun 288290
XXXVII. Further Notes on New Zealand Coccidæ. By W. M. Maskell 291301
XXXVIII. On Melicerta ringens and Plumatella repens. By A. Hamilton 301303
XXXIX. List of Marine Mollusca found in the neighbourhood of Wellington. By T. W. Kirk, Assistant in the Colonial Museum 303306
XL. Descriptions of new Marine Shells. By T. W. Kirk 306307
XLI. Notice of the Occurrence of Vitrina milligani in New Zealand. By T. W. Kirk 307
XLII. Additions to the List of New Zealand Fishes. By T. W. Kirk 308310
XLIII. On the Occurrence of Giant Cuttlefish on the New Zealand Coast. By T. W. Kirk 310313
XLIV. Description of a new Species of Palinurus. By T. W. Kirk 313314
XLV. Description of a new Species of Lizard of the Genus Naultinus. By W. L. Buller, C.M.G., Sc.D., F.R.S. 314315
XLVI. Notes on Fishes in Upper Whanganui River. By Captain Mair, F.L.S. 315316


XLVII. On the Botany of the Pirongia Mountain. By T. F. Cheeseman, F.L.S. 317323
XLVIII. On the Occurrence of the Genus Sporadanthus in New Zealand. By T. F. Cheeseman 324325
XLIX. A short Sketch of the Flora of the Province of Canterbury, with Catalogue of Species. By J. B. Armstrong 325353
L. Notice of the Occurrence of Liparophyllum gunnii, Lob., in New Zealand. By D. Petrie, M.A. 354
LI. Notice of the Occurrence of a Species of Hemiphues in New Zealand. By D. Petrie 355356
– vii –
LII. Description of a new Species of Ehrharta. By D. Petrie 356357
LIII. Notes on the Growth of certain Trees on Scoria Soil near Mount Eden, Auckland. By T. B. Gillies, a Judge of the Supreme Court of New Zealand 357358
LIV. A Description of a few new Plants from our New Zealand Forests, with dried Specimens of the same. By W. Colenso, F.L.S. 359367
LV. Contribution to the Lichenographia of New Zealand. By Charles Knight, F.L.S. 367379
LVI. Notes on New Zealand Plants. By J. Buchanan, F.L.S. 380382
LVII. On Grasses and Fodder Plants. By S. M. Curl, M.D. 382393
LVIII. Descriptions of new Flowering Plants. By T. Kirk, F.L.S. 393397
LIX. Description of a new Species of Cladophora. By T. Kirk 397
LX. Notice of the Occurrence of Lagenophora emphysopus and other unrecorded Plants in New Zealand. By T. Kirk 397399


LXI. On certain Results obtained upon some of the Argentiferous Salts which are affected by Light. By William Skey, Analyst to the Geological Survey Department 401403
LXII. Further Notes upon the Movements of Camphor on Water. By William Skey 403406
LXIII. On the Mode in which Oil acts as a Nucleus in Super-saturated Saline Solutions; with Notes on the Mode of Action of Solid Nuclei. By William Skey 407411
LXIV. On the Cause of the Deposition of Camphor towards Lights. By William Skey 411
LXV. On the Nature of the Precipitate formed by certain Mercuric Salts in presence of Essential Oils. By William Skey 412414
LXVI. On the Decomposition of Argentic-oxide by Mercury. By William Skey 414


LXVII. On Wind-formed Lakes. By J. C. Crawford, F.G.S. 415416
LXVIII. On Bidwill's Front Hills. By J. C. Crawford 416418
LXIX. Remarks on Volcanoes and Geysers of New Zealand. By W. Collie 418420


Wellington Philosophical Society.

Account of Two Journeys to the Summit of Mount Ruapehu. By G. Beetham, M.H.R. (abstract) 423
Remarks on Hæmatite and Spathic Iron Ores. By Dr. Hector 424
What should be the Highest Aim of the Wellington Philosophical Society? By Dominick Brown 425
Suggestion towards a Theory accounting for the Movements of the Magnetic Needle. By the Hon. R. Hart, M.L.C. 425
Remarks on Forest Planting and Conservation, with reference to particular Localities in the Wellington District. By G. W. Williams (abstract) 428429
Election of Governor of New Zealand Institute 431
On the Cultivation of Beet for the Manufacture of Sugar, etc. By S. M. Curl, M.D. (abstract) 431
Account of the Sydney Exhibition. By Dr. Hector 432
A few Remarks on Art Perspective. By R. T. Holmes 432
– viii –
Abstract Report of Council 432
Election of Officers for 1880 432433
Anniversary Address by the President, Dr. Newman 433438
On Neobalæna marginata and Kogia breviceps. By Dr. Hector. 438439
On a Deposit of Chalk recently discovered near Oxford in Canterbury. By Dr. Hector 439
On Moa Feathers. By Dr. Hector 439
Further Contributions to the Ornithology of New Zealand. By W. L. Buller, C.M.G., Sc.D., F.R.S. 439

Auckland Institute.

Address by the President, the Rev. Dr. Purchas 441446
Notes on a Disease among Sheep in the Waikato District. By Major W. G. Mair 446
On the Mound-builders of North America. By J. Adams, B.A. 447
Notes on the Growth of Trees on Clay Soils. By W. Atkins 447
The possible Pacification of the World by means of a rational International Policy. By the Rev. S. Edgar 447
The Distress in England: its Causes and Remedies. By J. C. Firth. 447
Note on Spiral Markings on Trenails. By the Rev. Dr. Purchas 447
Concerning Alcohol. By E. A. Mackechnie 448
Notes on the Rise and Progress of Architecture and the Fine Arts generally. By Albin Martin 448
The Distress in England: its Causes and Remedies; being a Reply to Mr. Firth's paper on the same subject. By the Rev. S. Edgar. 448
Note on the American Horned Frog (Phrynosoma blainvillii). By B. S. Booth 448
On Landscape Art in the Province of Auckland. By K. Watkins 448
Remarks on Lepidosiren and other Fishes. By T. F. Cheeseman 448
Abstract of Annual Report 448449
Election of Officers for 1880 449

Philosophical Institute of Canterbury.

On a Universal Code of Signals. By C. W. Adams 451
On Musical Tones in the Notes of Australian Birds. By C. W. Adams 451
Notes upon the Height of Mount Cook. By C. W. Adams 452
Abstract of Annual Report 452
Election of Officers for 1880 453
Notes on Ceramic and Industrial Art Specimens. By Prof. von Haast 453

Otago Institute.

A Criticism of Herbert Spencer's “First Principles.” By the Rev. Prof. Salmond 454
The Unseen Universe. By J. S. Webb 454
Socialism, an Appeal to First Principles. By the Rev. Dr. Roseby 454
The Diptera of New Zealand. By Professor Hutton 454
On George Eliot's Poems. By the Rev. J. Upton Davis 455
Description of a new Fish. By Professor Hutton 455456
Election of Officers for 1880 456
Abstract of Annual Report 456

Westland Institute.

Abstract of Annual Report 457
Election of Officers for 1880 457
– ix –

Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute.

Election of Officers for 1879 458
Abstract of Annual Report 458
Memoir of Allan and Richard Cunningham. By W. Colenso 459
The Myth of Kae and the Pet Whale of Tinirau. By W. Colenso 459
Election of Governor of New Zealand Institute 460

New Zealand Institute.

Eleventh Annual Report of the Board of Governors 463464
Museum 464469
Publications 469470
Meteorology 470
Time-ball Observatory 470471
Laboratory 471
Library 471
Accounts of the New Zealand Institute, 1878–9 472


On the Medical Aspects of Education. By W. G. Kemp, L.R.C.P.Lond., M.R.C.S. Engl. xxixliv
Meteorological Statistics of New Zealand for 1879 xlvxlvii
Earthquakes reported in New Zealand during 1879 xlvii
Comparative Abstract for 1879, and previous years xlviii
Notes on the Weather during 1879 xlix
Record of Papers on New Zealand Natural History, 1879—80 l
Honorary Members of the New Zealand Institute li
Ordinary Members lilxiii
List of Public Institutions and Individuals to whom this Volume is presented lxivlxvi
Addenda et Corrigenda iv
Contents vix
List of Plates x
Board of Governors of the New Zealand Institute xi
Abstract of Rules and Statutes of the New Zealand Institute xixiii
List of Incorporated Societies xiv
Officers of Incorporated Societies, and Extracts from their Rules xivxvii

List of Plates.

Plate To Face Page
I. Edwin.—Diagrams illustrating System of New Zealand Weather Forecast 40
II. " " " " " " 48
III. " " " " " " 48
IV. Colenso.—Moa Bones 80
V. " " 80
VI. Bickerton.—Diagrams illustrative of Partial Impact 184
VII. Maskell.—Coccidæ 300
VIII. Haast.—Ziphius (Epiodon) novæ-zealandiæ 244
IX. Fereday.—Butterflies 268
X. Petrie.—Ehrharta thomsoni 356
XI. T. W. Kirk.—Palinurus tumidus 314
XII.Knight.—Lichens 368
XIII. " " 376
XIV. T. Kirk.—Euphrasia disperma 396