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Volume 12, 1879
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– 459 –

2. Mr. Colenso gave an account of the Maori myth of “Kae and the Pet Whale of Tinirau;” illustrating the same with similar legends (as to tame whales=Delphinus sp.) from ancient Greek and Roman history, Pagan and Christian.

Sixth Meeting. 13th October, 1879.

The Right Rev. the Bishop of Waiapu, President, in the chair.

1. “On the Moa (Dinornis), Part II.,” by W. Colenso, F.L.S. (Transactions, p. 63.)

– 460 –

This paper was illustrated by bones and plates of the Moa; also some “Moa stones” from Porangahau; and ancient Maori fish-hooks, made out of Moa bone, from the East Cape.

Several specimens of New Zealand land shells (Helix and Bulimus species), collected by Messrs. Colenso, W. Chambers, and H. Nairn; of Dendrite, collected by Mr. P. Dolbel; and also some early pencil sketches (1837–9) by Mr. Colenso, and other mementos of Old New Zealand, were exhibited.

Living plants of Drosera auriculata (raised by the Hon. Secretary) were also shown; and an outline given of some recent interesting experiments by Mr. F. Darwin, on an allied English species (Drosera rotundifolia), to illustrate the said plants.*

2. “A Description of a few new Plants from our New Zealand Forests, with dried Specimens of the same,” by W. Colenso, F.L.S. (Transactions, p. 359.)

The dried specimens of the genera Clematis, Metrosideros, Olearia, Dicksonia, Hymenophyllum and Trichomanes, were exhibited. These caused much interest, particularly the Clematis and two small ferns (Hymenophyllum and Trichomanes), and elicited some discussion.

Council Meeting. 7th October, 1879.

The President in the chair.

Ordered, That the books formerly selected, to the amount of £50, be purchased forth-with.

Council Meeting. 13th October, 1879.

The Right Rev. the Bishop of Waiapu, President, in the chair.

New Members.—Rev. de Berdt Hovell, H. Baker, M. S. Bell, J. Mackinnon, F. S. Peppercorne, E. F. Rich, T. White.

[Footnote] * Journal Linn. Society, Botany, Vol. XVII.