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Volume 13, 1880
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– 339 –

Senecio stewartiæ, n.sp.

Among a number of living plants brought from Stewart Island by the Rev. Mr. Stack, and kindly presented by him to the Christchurch Botanic Garden, I find a fine new Senecio which has not yet flowered, but will probably prove quite distinct. I propose to attach the above name to it provisionally, until I am able to furnish a better description. It has the habit of S. huntii, F. Müeller, but is a much smaller plant. The leaves are about three inches long, linear-lanceolate, narrower than in S. huntii, more sharply acute, very obscurely serrated, without the obscure ribs of that species, more finely reticulated above, and below wholly covered with loose white tomentum, quite different from the grey, closely appressed tomentum of S. huntii. The leaves above are densely glandular dotted, in the young state pubescent and viscid, glabrous and shining when old. The leaf scars are larger and darker coloured than in S. huntii. If this should prove to be

– 340 –

a mere variety of the Chatham Island plant, it will add another to the already numerous links connecting the flora of those islands with the southern islets.