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Volume 13, 1880
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– 340 –

Nat. Order Scrophularineæ.
Siphonidium, nov. gen.

Leaves opposite. Flowers hermaphrodite. Calyx campanulate, deeply four-toothed, much wrinkled when dry; teeth with narrow acuminate points. Corolla funnel-shaped with an extremely slender curved tube 3 inches long, dilated upwards, swollen or slightly spurred about three-fourths of the way up at the commencement of the broadest part; throat campanulate; limb

– 341 –

two-lipped; upper lip of one narrow, erect or sub-erect, concave lobe; lower lip of three nearly equal, spreading, rounded lobes, throat not tumid, but having a few scattered hairs. Stamens four, didynamous, inserted on the throat, included, the two lower the longest. Anthers two-celled, introrse. Style extremely slender, a little longer than the stamens, with a two-lobed stigma. Ovary superior. Capsule two-celled, loculicidal? included within the calyx. Seeds minute. (Capsule immature.)

This genus is allied to Euphrasia, from which it differs in the long curved gibbous tube and bi-lobed stigma. It also approaches the South American genus Gerardia, and in some characters the South African Lyperia.