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Volume 13, 1880
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2. “On the Tertiary Corals and Bryozoa of New Zealand,” by the Rev. E. Tennison-Woods, Pres. L.S., N.S.W.

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This paper, which has been published in full by the Geological Department, (“Palæontogogy of New Zealand,” Part IV., 1880.) gives the results of an examination of a large series of fossils belonging to this class, exhibited in the New Zealand court at Sydney Exhibition by the Geological Department, and was illustrated by a beautiful series of drawings made by the author. Three genera and thirty species were described as new to science.

Dr. Hector pointed out this investigation confirmed the view that during tertiary times the climate of New Zealand had not been much different from that at present prevailing, if anything it was a little warmer, and was quite opposed to the idea of a glacial period having affected these latitudes. It also confirmed the classification he had adopted in placing the Oamaru beds as upper eocene, and equivalent to the Mount Gambier beds in Australia, and Table Cape beds of Tasmania.