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Volume 13, 1880
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3. “On certain Minerals collected during the past Year by the Geological Survey Staff,” S. H. Cox, F.G.S.


Specimens were exhibited and described, some of which were of considerable value and interest. Among them the following were announced as having been found in New Zealand for the first time:—Crome mica, and hauerite, or sulphide of manganese. Both these minerals were collected by Mr. McKay in the highly mineralized district lying to the N.W. of Otago, where he also found lodes containing specular iron, pyrrhotine or magnetic pyrites containing nickel, mispickel or arsenical pyrites containing gold, and scheelite or tungstate of lime, the latter having only been found as rolled fragments hitherto. Several new discoveries of copper ore were also announced, among which was occurrence of metallic copper in the basaltic rocks at the Manukau Heads, Auckland. Also the occurrence in the trachytic dyke rocks at Tokatoka, Kaipara, of the zeolites, natrolite, and stilbite.