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Volume 14, 1881
– vii –


Wellington Philosophical Society.

Address by the President, Dr. Hector (abstract) 531
Description of Additions to the Museum. By Dr. Hector 531532
Do. do. do. do. 533
– viii –
Description of Bird Skins presented to the Museum. By Dr. Buller, C.M.G. 534
Mention of Tin Ore in New Zealand. By Dr. Hector 534
Discussion on Paper by Mr. W. T. L. Travers “On the Great Flood of February, 1868” 535537
An Account of some of the less-known Islands of Western Polynesia. By Mr. Deputy-Commissioner Romilly 538539
On the Extinction of the Moa. By H. C. Field. 540
On a Lichen of the genus Leuconora. By W. H. Levin, M.H.R. 540
Suggestions relative to the Rabbit Nuisance. By Henry Tryon (abstract) 540541
On Solar Heat. By J. C. Crawford, F.G.S. (abstract) 541
Abstract of Report for 1881 541
Election of Officers for 1882 541
Address by the President, Dr. Hector (abstract) 541543
On a Fundamental Error in Dynamics, the Theory of Gravitation, and the Nebular Hypothesis. By Victor Falkner (abstract) 543544
List of Sertularians collected in Wellington. By T. W. Kirk 544
Abnormal Colouring in the Kokako. By T. W. Kirk 544545
Reported Capture of a Californian Salmon at Riverton. By Dr. Hector 545
Fossil Cetaceans. By Dr. Hector (abstract) 545
New System of Telegraphic Weather Reports. By Dr. Hector 545
Remarks on New Zealand Sponges. By Dr. Hector 545

Auckland Institute.

Anniversary Address by the President, T. Peacock (abstract) 546549
On the New Zealand Carabidæ. By Capt. T. Broun, M.E.S. 549
Remarks on Scale Blight (Icerya purchasi). By E. A. Mackechnie 549
New Species of Coleoptera. By Capt. T. Broun 549
The Shadow of Justice. By E. A. Mackechnie (abstract) 550
The New Zealand Dascyllidæ. By Capt. T. Broun (abstract) 550
New Species of Curculionidæ. By Capt. T. Broun 551
On Evolution considered from its religious side. By the Rev. S. Edgar 551
On the Swiss Lake Dwellings. By Neil Heath (abstract) 551553
Revision of the New Zealand Cossonidæ. By Capt. T. Broun 554
Recent Advances in Photography. By J. Martin, F.G.S. (abstract) 554
New Species of Cerambycidæ. By Capt. T. Broun 554
Notes on Various Subjects. By James Baber, C.E. 554555
Translation of the Maori Tradition of Maui. By F. E. Maning 555
On the Shore of the Unknown. By E. A. Mackechnie 555
Abstract of Annual Report 555556
Election of Officers for 1882 556

Philosophical Institute of Canterbury.

Exhibition of a Marine Spider and Vegetable Caterpillar. By Prof. Hutton 557
Election of Vice-president 558
Rock Paintings from South Africa. Exhibited by Professor J. von Haast 558
Scale Insects. Exhibited by W. M. Maskell 559
Abstract of Annual Report 559560
Election of Officers for 1882 560

Otago Institute.

Remarks on Notornis. By rofessor Parker 561
Remarks on Sphenodon güntheri. By Dr. Hector 561
– ix –
Exhibition of Dissecting Microscope. By Professor Parker 561
On the Cause of Error in executing Minor Triangulation with Instruments of small Diameter. By J. Aitken Connell 561
The Birds of Macquarrie Island. By Professor Scott 561
Model of Stylonichia mytilus, exhibited by Prof. Parker 562
On the Development of the Discomedusæ. By Dr. Wilhelm Haacke 562
Remarks on Specimens of Saccharomyces. By Prof. Parker 562
Remarks on Sections of Macrocystis. By Prof. Parker 562
Electric Lighting. By R. Jones 562
Paintings of Notornis, exhibited by Prof. Parker 562
Mounted Skeletons, exhibited by Prof. Parker 562563
Abstract of Annual Report 563
Election of Officers for 1882 563

Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute.

Election of Officers for 1881 564
Abstract of Annual Report 564
Insects, Plants, etc., exhibited by W. Colenso 564565
Fossils, exhibited by W. Colenso 565
Zoological Specimens and Maori Curiosities, exhibited by W. Colenso 565566
Fossil Remains, exhibited by W. Colenso 567

Southland Institute.

On Recent Advances in Science. By J. T. Thomson, F.R.G.S. (abstract) 568
Buddhistic Philosophy. By J. T. Thomson 569
The Habits of Ants. By the Rev. J. Paterson 569
On the Importance of Forestry. By D. McArthur 569
On Co-operation. By J. R. Cuthbertson 569
On Burns. By W. G. Mchaffey 569
Election of Officers for 1882 569
Abstract of Annual Report 569