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Volume 14, 1881
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– 106 –

Art. X.—Notes on the Height of Mount Cook.

[Read before the Philosophical Institute of Canterbury, 1st September, 1881.]

The height of Mount Cook has been calculated in August, 1881, by Mr. George John Roberts, assistant geodesical surveyor of the Westland Survey Department, as 12,349 feet above the mean level of the sea.

This altitude is a mean result deduced from observations at twenty-two stations, and may be considered as final.

– 107 –

Fourteen of these results are within 5 feet of the mean mentioned above.

In my “Notes on the Height of Mount Cook,” read at this Institute on the 7th of August, 1879, I stated the height to be, from my own observations, 12,375 feet, but as my observations were made under unfavourable circumstances, I consider Mr. Roberts' determination as the most reliable.

I took observations at six stations only, the nearest being 34 miles from Mount Cook, and the other five varied from 71 miles to 130 miles.

Mr. Roberts took observations from twenty-two stations, averaging only 16 miles from Mount Cook, so he would have much better opportunities of getting accurate results than I had.