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Volume 14, 1881
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– 172 –

Genus Anthura, Leach.
(Bate's and Westwood's Brit. Sessile-eyed Crust., vol. ii., p. 157.)

Anthura, (?) flagellata, sp. nov. Plate VIII., fig. 2.

Body long, slender, sub-cylindrical, thoracic segments sub-equal. Antennæ near equal, the inner one with a distinct flagellum. First three pairs of thoracic legs sub-chelate, the first pair being considerably larger than the

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New Zealand Crustacea.

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two following, and having the hand stout and ovate, and the finger long and curved; the second and third pairs similar in shape and equal in size; the four posterior pairs are all nearly equal to one another, and are nonchelate. First five abdominal segments confluent; the last segment has its posterior edge notched at the centre. Its appendages are broad, operculiform, and biramous, the inner branch formed of a single joint, broad and concave, enclosing the other branch, which has two broad joints, the basal one being much longer than the terminal joint. The terminal segment (telson) squamiform, rectangular, with the posterior angles rounded. The posterior edges of the telson and of the appendages of the last abdominal segment are fringed with numerous long setæ. Length, .3 in.

Hab. Among seaweed in rock-pools, Lyttelton Harbour.

This species differs from Anthura in that the first five (instead of four) abdominal segments are confluent and that the inner antenna has a distinct, flagellum, but as I have only a single specimen I have not made a new genus for it.