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Volume 14, 1881
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– 282 –

Art. XLI.—Descriptions of New Shells.

[Read before the Wellington Philosophical Society, 21st January, 1882.]

The three species mentioned below all possess a deep notch at the anterior end of the columella, which at once distinguishes them from Euchelus, the columella of which has only a “small tooth in front.” It thus becomes necessary to create a new genus for the reception of the New-Zealand species.

Professor Hutton, to whom I have dedicated the new genus, informs me that while in Sydney he examined a series of specimens representing the various species of Euchelus, but in no instance could anything approaching a notch be discovered.

Huttonia, gen. nov.

Shell moderate; turbinated, sub-globose; perforate or imperforate; columella with a deep notch at the anterior end. Outer lip thickened and crenated internally.

H. bella.

Euchelus bellus, Hutton; Cat. Marine Moll., p. 37.

H. iricolor, sp. nov.

Shell imperforate: larger, spire more prominent, and granulated ribs much coarser than in H. bella.

– 283 –

Colour: dirty chocolate, apex greenish-white. Inside bluish-green, with an iridescent play of colours, except the outer lip which is green, and the columella which is white.

Sometimes entirely covered with short brown Algæ.


H. hamiltoni, sp. nov.

Shell perforate; spiral granular ribs very fine.

Colour: white, or faint pinkish-white, with points of darker colour forming diagonal lines arcoss the whorls. Apex white. Inside white.


Aplysia hamiltoni, sp. nov

Animal about 7 inches in length, 2½ inches high, and weighed 14 ozs.

Colour: umber-brown, with fine irregular dark markings; lighter below.

Shell ear-shaped, horny, firm, ribbed on left half, irregularly concentrically striated; epidermis bright straw colour, highly polished. Inside white, with a pearly lustre.

Length, 1.6 inch. Breadth, 1.45 inch.

Hab.—Napier. Two specimens received from Mr. A. Hamilton of Petane, Hawke's Bay.