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Volume 14, 1881
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– 409 –
Art. LXIX.—Description of new Tertiary Fossils.

[Read before the Wellington Philosophical Society, 21st January, 1882.]

The species now described formed part of a small collection of fossils from the tertiary beds near Petane, Hawke's Bay, submitted to me for determination by Mr. A. Hamilton.

Trivia zealandica.

Spire hidden; transverse striæ passing only a short way up the sides of the shell; back smooth and polished.

Length .5, breadth .35 inch.

Marginella propinqua.

Marginella propinqua, Tate; Trans. Phil. Soc. of Adelaide, 1877–8, p, 94.

“Shell oblong-cylindrical, solid, light horn-coloured, transversely streaked with white, enamelled; aperture triangular, with a broad milk-white varix strongly denticulated on the bevelled edge; columella five-plicate.

“Length .45, breadth .22 inch.” (Tate).

Marginella hectori.

Shell highly polished; spire moderate; aperture rather wide; columella with four plaits, the posterior one being the most prominent. Lip incurved, not denticulate.

Length .45, breadth .25 inch.

Erato lactea, Hutton; Man. of N.Z. Moll., p. 63.

Helix greenwoodi, Gray; P.Z.S., 1849, p. 165; Man. of N.Z. Moll., p. 16.

Pleurotoma tuberculata.

Shell fusiform, spire about half the length of the shell; whorls eight, angled posteriorly; a row of tubercles on the superior angle of each whorl, and a similar row of smaller ones filling up the suture; spirally ribbed; body whorl with about eleven ribs crossed by lines of growth. Aperture moderate, outer lip angled posteriorly.

Length 1 inch, breadth .45 inch.

Cardita lutea, Hutton.

C. lutea, Hutton; Man. of N.Z. Moll., p. 159.