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Volume 14, 1881
– 522 –


During the past summer the Alpine ranges west of the Wanaka Lake, which afforded so many new species of plants when first botanically explored by Dr. Hector and Mr. Buchanan in 1862, have again been visited by the latter collector, assisted by Mr. A. McKay, who was at work on the geological survey of the same district, and the result has been the addition to the Colonial Herbarium of 25,000 specimens, some of which are wholly new species, and nearly all rare and valuable for purposes of exchange. Unfortunately the arrangement in the Museum for the preservation of the herbarium will not be satisfactory until there has been a considerable expenditure in providing proper insect-proof cabinets. Owing to the want of cabinets, the valuable collection of 28,000 specimens of plants presented by the Trustees of the British Museum, in 1876, still remains in the original packing-cases, and is not accessible for reference and study.