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Volume 14, 1881
– 526 –


During the past year 357 analyses have been performed in the Colonial Laboratory, so that the laboratory number now arrived at is 3,034.

– 527 –

These are classified as follows: Coals, 14; rocks and minerals, 50; metals and ores, 95; examination for silver and gold, 152; water, 11; miscellaneous, 35. Total 357.

The results of all analyses having any general interest are stated in full in the Laboratory Report, together with the information given by the contributors of the specimens upon which these results have been obtained.

Weights and Measures.—Only a few sets of standard weights and measures have been verified and re-issued, according to the requirements of the Act, during the past year; but the majority of the sets at present in use by the local Inspectors will have to be verified, as the statutory term for which they were issued will have terminated.