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Volume 14, 1881
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Dr. Hector then described a number of recent additions to the Museum, which were on the table, the chief of which were the results of the geological explorations during the past few months. Among these were further remains of the Kekenodon, a large fossil

– 532 –

cetacean, discovered in the Waitaki District, of which the teeth were described at the last meeting. Three complete skeletons have since been worked out by Mr. McMay, but unfortunately many of the bones are very friable. Enough, however, have been obtained to prove that the structure was very different from any animal previously described.


“On Pseudo-scab and Lung-worm in Sheep,” by John Buchanan, F.L.S. (Transactions, p. 269).

Mr. Travers stated that he recognized this parasitic worm as one with which he had been long familiar in the Marlborough district, and he had always attributed its propagation to the sheep drinking water from stagnant pools, in which these worms abounded. He considered that the animal which produced the disease in the skin of the sheep was a different one from that which infested the lungs, and offered to assist Mr. Buchanan in his further investigation of this most important subject.